Portfolio: Work for Hire - Art and Design

All work shown was done as work-for-hire
(except for toy prototypes created for my own uses, which are my own designs).
All Images and designs are owned by the company who commissioned
the works and are pictured here with intent of showing what I am capable
of creating under the restraints of a commercial job -- for resume purposes only.
I have given credit when possible to the companies.
Some photos are likewise the copyright of the company which employed me at the time,
and are pictured here only for the sake of information.

Samples of comic book illustration can be viewed here:

Nowhere is a Place: The Reading Room

Thank you for viewing my portfolio.

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Jewelry Design and Fashion

Logo Design


Toy Prototypes and Design


Sample Book Covers


All illustrations are the property of A.D. Puchalski 2012 or the respective copyright holders and can not be used without permission.