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Art, Gallery and Trade Shows (past, present and upcoming)

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Books, Toys, Art, Fashion... Hey! New books!

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ShockCinema Magazine

Twenty plus years and still your guide to cult movies, arthouse oddities, drive-in swill and underground obscurities! Steven Puchalski's influential cult film magazine.

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Work For Hire

Illustrations, Sculptural Work, Day Job Selected works from past and present gigs.

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Inktober 2016

During the month of October I participate in a drawing exercise called Inktober which requires participants to post a drawing finished in ink every day of the month (or as...

Skillshare: Everyone Can Draw, and should!

Skillshare is an open source learning platform covering a wide range of subjects. My Class, Everyone Can Draw and should (almost) every day, covers basics of drawing for the purpose...

Illustration for The Rumpus Online (Updated with new art!)

The Rumpus is a literary journal that features an array of writing from reviews to personal essays. I’ve provided spot illustrations for a few projects. As Soon as I stop:  Short...

Tiny Dodo Gallery Shows

Tiny Dodo is a fantastic roaming gallery that participates in the Art Walk program in Seattle. Anime Show Inked Show

New Plush

Mermaid Figure Pony! Pony! Pony! Felt toys and handbags!    Hand stitched from wool felt, a tiny blue Coney with a flower crown:    And a tiny Nara deer in...

Inktober 2015

A drawing a day all through the month of October. Last year I only made it to day 23…. Daily updates via Instagramhttps://instagram.com/adpuchalski/ Day 1Day 2 (scanning) Day 3Day 4...


Last year I started carrying a sketchbook with me everywhere. Granted there are lots of times when I wonder why I hauled it with me to the supermarket when I...

Restless: New comic book!

Halloween has been banned but here be monsters none the less. Mallory must face off with oblivious parents, stupid small town rules, terrifying creatures and the worst horror of all...

Buy comics! And more! Ooo, Pretty!

New Books ******************************************************************************************************* Meadow #1 and Tough duo pack! Meadow #1 48 pages, full color, 8×10″ Graphic novel. In the future… civilization is on the brink, dragons roam the out-lands, rabbits wear hats and...

TOUGH: New story!

Tough is the new ashcan, Available NOW!! I had planned to stagger Meadow vol 1 and the next few books, but due to production time (and my drawing a bit slower...