During the month of October I participate in a drawing exercise called Inktober which requires participants to post a drawing finished in ink every day of the month (or as close to that as they can manage, this year  bottomed out at day 18). While I update daily on Instagram, here are hi-res scans of the month’s work:

inktober2016day1low inktober2016day2low inktober2016day3low inktober2016day4low  inktober2016day5lowinktober2016day6 inktober2016day7 inktober2016day8 inktober2016day9 inktober2016day10 inktober2016day11 inktober2016day12 inktober2016day13 inktober2016day14 inktober2016day15 inktober2016day16 inktober2016day17 inktober2016day18