The Rumpus is a literary journal that features an array of writing from reviews to personal essays. I’ve provided spot illustrations for a few projects.

As Soon as I stop:  Short absurdist fiction

asssonasistopa asssonasistopb asssonasistopc asssonasistopd

Event poster for a reading:


His Greatest Masterpiece was the heaviest subject matter so far. An essay on rape, I did my best to keep it serious in the vein of the subject matter without getting cliched (hopefully, anyway).

hisgreatb hisgreatc hisgreatd hisgreate Hisgreata


Divina was a bit more challenging but certainly one of my favorite pieces.

dante4 dante3 dante2 dante1 dante0

Grow was a short piece with a playful plant theme.

rumpusplantsc rumpusplantsb rumpusplantsa

Swans and Other Lies:

leda1 leda2 leda4leda3

I’ll fly Away I drew while on a plane (though I inked and colored it back home).

illflya illflyc illflyb illflyd

Paper Birds featured themes of relationships, regret and personal histories:

paperbirdsd paperbirdsc paperbirdsb paperbirdsa

Life in a Box, covered off-the-grid living in RVs in the PNW:


Rules. My intent is always to accentuate the writing, and in the case of Rules I kept the art low key, using ink wash and colored pencil. A memoir about school, friends and relationships.

rulesalow rulesdlowrulesclowrulesblow