A.D. Puchalski


Paper doll animations

I’m trying very hard to finish another sketch booking class for Skillshare, but it’s hard when I keep getting wrapped up in playing with my characters. (Click image to activate...

Sketchcard Project

Assorted art made on trading card and postcard sized art papers:  

Flora and Fauna Painting

Small watercolor works (including my New Year card for 2017, Year of the Cock).

The Rumpus Presents:

The In Real Life events the Rumpus puts on are always interesting! I’ve done posters for three, but so far I think this might be my favorite. All the people...

Inktober 2016

During the month of October I participate in a drawing exercise called Inktober which requires participants to post a drawing finished in ink every day of the month (or as...

Meadow and more Meadow…

Because really my whole life is about Meadow these days. So here is one of the promo images I did recently. Watercolor, ink, etc. I think next time I decide...

punk girl graphic style french bird shadow

Sketchbook: Birb

 Bonertown has a Mayor.

Assorted Yokai

          Rokurokubi, the long neck woman   Nekomata or bakeneko, the demon cat

Sketchbook: Sharp Dressed Man and his Date

Where are they going, dressed like that? Brush pen and watercolor.

Sketchbook: Animals and Men

Litte Mermaid, ink and pen   Black Tree, brush pen and watercolor   Man and foxes, assorted materials torn from sketchbook     Hiding Rabbit, water color   Two drawings...