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Art, Gallery and Trade Shows (past, present and upcoming)

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Books, Toys, Art, Fashion... Hey! New books!

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ShockCinema Magazine

Twenty plus years and still your guide to cult movies, arthouse oddities, drive-in swill and underground obscurities! Steven Puchalski's influential cult film magazine.

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Work For Hire

Illustrations, Sculptural Work, Day Job Selected works from past and present gigs.

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Pet, a very large mini comic

Pet started out on one of my Tumblr blogs, but I drew more than I posted and eventually just made a larger-than-usual mini comic. A short story about a dogman,...

Pet, an ongoing webcomic

Pet gets a dedicated Tumblr with regular updates! (Click HERE!!!) A weird tale with catgirls, dogmen and oblivious humans. Monsters, parties and crosshatching in abundance. A throw back sketchbook comic,...

Paper doll animations

I’m trying very hard to finish another sketch booking class for Skillshare, but it’s hard when I keep getting wrapped up in playing with my characters. (Click image to activate...

So… I made some t-shirts and things:

Redbubble dumb meta t-shirts in men’s and women’s sizes and styles plus some other stuff if that’s what floats your boat.  Yeah I just like to paint flowers and tigers...

Ravens, vintage tea cups and more Succulents: Adventures in Felt

New felt soft sculpture items. Mostly one of a kind as I free handed the parts rather than making patterns. But I do like crows and ravens so I’m sure...

New works! Fabric Sculpture in Felt

New felt sculptural items plus more on my Etsy!  

Political Cartooning

  Sometimes an idea gets in my head and won’t get out. I watch the news too much. I grew up with a healthy exposure to editorial cartooning via The...

Sketchcard Project

Assorted art made on trading card and postcard sized art papers:  

Flora and Fauna Painting

Small watercolor works (including my New Year card for 2017, Year of the Cock).

The Rumpus Presents:

The In Real Life events the Rumpus puts on are always interesting! I’ve done posters for three, but so far I think this might be my favorite. All the people...